Bluestone Technology® Ltd., was founded in 2002 and is headquarted in the UK in Plymouth, Devon. They are a global manufacturer, and developer of industrial-grade LCD monitors, rugged computer displays and related hardware, the majority of which are custom-made. Application areas include use in research labs, healthcare, industrial, military, marine, and commercial settings. To facilitate easier installation, Bluestone Technology®, offers a range accessories which includes cable packages, mounting brackets, and adapters.

Engineered for tough conditions

Their ruggedized computer displays are designed to withstand tough usage situations, such as intense vibrations, extreme temperatures, and moist or dusty settings. These devices are designed to endure the kind of rigorous use typical of these environments. This also applies to the internal parts and cooling systems. Chilling sealed, waterproof screens require a different approach than using standard air circulation techniques. Their robust displays are commonly utilised in the military, marine search and rescue, manufacturing, healthcare and agricultural sector.

High-Quality Electrical components

The fundamental design principle that underpins virtually all rugged computers is to provide a controlled environment for the installed electronics. The electronic components may be chosen based on their resistance to operating temperatures above and below those of conventional commercial components (including use in the Arctic and Antarctic environments).

An industry leader with extensive engineering expertise

Bluestone Technology® pocesses an unparalleled breadth of experience that dates back to the early 90s, when the industry for robust LCD displays was just starting out. They have established themselves as a frontrunner in the competitive rugged displays industry. In order for rugged displays to withstand the harshest environments seen in many demanding commercial, military, and industrial settings, they have developed an abundance of specialised techniques.

Thales, BAE Systems, QinetiQ, and Ultra Electronics are just some of its prominent customers.

Product Categories

The range of monitors extends from 6.5″ up to 42 ” and utilises all the many available display technologies.


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