Based in Canada, with 30 years’ experience, Connect Tech designs and manufactures high performance small form factor embedded computing solutions. PRODUCT LIST

Choose from small COM Express and QSeven carrier boards or PC/104 solutions supporting both ARM and x86 processors. Embedded peripherals include Digital & Analog I/O, FPGA, CAN controllers, Multi-port serial, NVIDIA & AMD GPU solutions, managed Gigabit Ethernet switches, power supplies and rugged enclosures. Besides their regular production of off-the-shelf products (COTS), Connect Tech’s development team has specialists that will help you design a customized solution. This will provide you with a tailored, “perfect fit” component to meet the needs of your application.

Connect Tech manufactures carrier boards for a wide range of Form Factors and Technologies. These include:

Form Factors

  • Jetson Embedded Systems
  • M.2
  • Mini PCIe
  • PCI
  • PCI Express
  • COM Express®
  • Qseven
  • VPX
  • PC/104


  • Computer-on-Module (COM) Carrier Boards 
  • Edge Devices
  • Multiport Serial (Asynchronous) Products 
  • Power Supplies
  • Analog I/O (ADV/DAC)
  • CAN Controllers
  • Development Tools & Adapters –
  • Graphics Processing Units (GPU/GPGPU)
  • Multiport Serial (Synchronous)
  • FPGA
  • Storage Solutions
  • Wireless Radio Modems   10 GbE & 1 GbE Embedded
  • Ethernet Switches & NICs
  • Single Board Computers
  • Digital I/O
  • Cellular/Satellite M2M
  • Ethernet-to-serial (BlueHeat) 
  • Ruggedized Embedded Systems:
  • • Anvil
  • • Polaris
  • • Rudi
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