Resilient Displays and Monitors for Harsh conditions: Center4 provides a diverse range of Medical Grade Computers and Tablets, Industrial PC Monitors and Panels, and Rugged LCD Monitors and Displays that are designed for use in harsh conditions and environments.

6.5″ Panel/Free Mount
Stainless Steel IP69K Box PC
55" Poseidon Rugged Free Mount Monitor
Industrial NUC

We represent two highly respected manufacturers, Bluestone Technology from the UK and Teguar from the US.  Both of whom are specialists in each of their fields.

Bluestone Technology offers LCD flat panel monitors in sizes ranging from 6,5” to 42”. The monitors are sealed, waterproof, and sunlight readable, making them ideal for challenging industrial, military, medical, marine, broadcast, and commercial applications. Leveraging the latest in industrial computers and fanless technology, these devices serve as a solid foundation for businesses looking to elevate their operations and ensure optimal performance in demanding environments. Some of their major customers include NATO, Thales, and BAE Systems.

All of Teguar’s personal computers are built with components of an industrial quality, which enables them to function reliably around the clock. Fanless cooling systems, IP/NEMA approved waterproof housings, and extended working temperature ranges are some of the characteristics that are included in their units, which are designed to be used for extended periods of time in aggressive environments. Utilising components of superior quality makes it possible to achieve a higher rate of return on investment while simultaneously reducing the total cost of ownership. The company LivaNova is one of their most important clients in the medical industry.

What sets the two companies apart is that Bluestone specializes in custom design, whereas Teguar offers a large range of finished products as well as OEM/ODM services.