Teguar is a prominent supplier of sophisticated computer solutions for industrial and medical applications. Teguar Computers differ from consumer PCs that are prevalent in mass markets. Our industrial and medical computers are specifically engineered to deliver dependable performance in challenging settings and applications.

Designed for consistent operation in challenging environments

Teguar is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA Their PCs are constructed with industrial-grade components to guarantee dependable 24/7 functionality. Their units are specifically created for consistent operation in challenging conditions, often equipped with fanless cooling systems, waterproof housings rated by IP/NEMA standards, and expanded temperature ranges for operation. Utilising premium components leads to reduced total ownership costs and quicker return on investment.

Teguar Computers include a 12-month warranty as standard.

Teguar’s Commitment to Excellence Their continued dedication to quality is demonstrated by their ISO 9001:2015 certification. This certification, along with the annual audits it demands, reinforces Teguar’s customer-centric strategy and commitment to providing industry experts with the best systems and support possible. The Quality Management System encompasses the design, sourcing, and manufacturing of computer systems such as rugged tablets, panel PCs, waterproof touchscreen computers, fanless box PCs, and medical all-in-one computers, mostly intended for industrial and medical uses. Click here to view their ISO Certificate.

Let Teguar replace your NUCs

In a major industry upheaval, Intel has formally declared that it will stop producing their popular NUC (Next Unit of Computing) series in 2023. This announcement has left many NUC users confused and unsure of what to do in the “Post-Intel-NUC Box” era. If you are one of those users, don’t worry—Teguar has handled this unforeseen circumstance by releasing a new Fanless NUC Replacement unit and outlining some obstacles that Intel’s announcement presents and how to overcome them.

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Product Categories

Displays and monitors are available in sizes starting at 5″.