Provisioning system integrators with components and solutions has been our field of competence for over 30 years. In the field of Embedded Computing we represent one of the world’s leading hardware design and manufacturing companies, Connect Tech. Based in Canada, they specialize in rugged, small form factor solutions. Besides “off-the-shelf” (COTS) products they also provide Custom Design, and more recently they also offer as a service “NVIDIA Jetson Module Flashing”. All their products are manufactured in-house.

Embedded Computing is one of the major fields of study and research in Universities and Technical Colleges worldwide. And their graduates are ever extending the scope of industries and applications where Embedded Solutions are deployed. Today much of the focus is in the field of robotics, drones, mobile medical imaging using neural networks, AI and deep learning technologies.

We supply products and components to system integrators and technology pioneers throughout Europe and Scandinavia.  These represent a select few of the various business sectors for which we have provided Embedded Solutions:

Aviation • Banking • Building Technology • Credit Control • Defence • Digital Signage •  Entertainment • Industrial Automation • IoT Marine • Point-of-Sales (POS) / Kiosk • Telecommunication • Transportation • Atomic Energy • Oil & Gas • Autonomous Vessels • Marine Robotics • Autonomous Vehicles • Medical • Wind & Solar Energy • ROV & AUV • Space Research