Center4 provides cutting-edge items from a select number of manufacturers, all of whom deliver high-quality products and exceptional technical support. If you have been looking for a particular item but are unable to locate it, kindly provide us with a concise description of your specifications.

  • Cadmos Microsystems – Flygkontroll, anslutning och IT-infrastruktur
  • Connect Tech – Embedded Computing & Connectivity, NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Boards, COM-Express, HPC-COM
  • FarSite Communications – IoT-produkter, WAN-adaptrar/gateways, BER-linjetester, X.25 & XOT-lösningar
  • Perle – I/O Connectivity & Device Networking Hardware, – Console Servers, LTE Routers, PoE Switches
  • OptiLogix – Ledande tillverkare av OEM-inspelningsgränssnitt för Call Recording-industrin
  • Bluestone Technology - Robusta LCD-skärmar och datorer för industriellt och militärt bruk
  • Teguar – Replacement for Industrial Intel™ NUC Boxes, Rugged Tablets/Handhelds, Medical Monitors and more.